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Bagel Sandwich

Meal Serving

Meal Serving is one of our biggest initiatives so far. These projects will take place every few months. Our volunteers will create different types of meals and either deliver them in person to the Downtown Eastside or donate them to a bigger non-profit. So far, we have made and served 2,200 meals.

Scouts Sandwiches
Nov 25th, 2023

What a successful collaboration with the 13th Burnaby Ismaili Scout Group! We were able to involve the Canadian Scouts of Vancouver in one of our projects to create 500 sandwiches for the homeless in the Downtown Eastside. Hopefully this is something we can do again in the future!

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Sandwich SERVING
April 16th 2023

April 16th was the day of our second sandwich-making event in which our team of 25+ volunteers came to Christopher's house to create 500+ sandwiches and serve them to the downtown eastside. We put together sandwiches which included mayonnaise, mustard, cheese, lettuce, and turkey. Shout out to all those who came to serve despite the bad weather of the second half of the project!

MARCH 5TH 2023

March 5th was a big day for our volunteers as they made 780+ warm Hot Dogs to give to those in need. We had over 30+ volunteers from over 7 schools come and participate at a local Church. Each hotdog included either a chicken or beef sausage, and was lovingly wrapped in thermal wrappers. After the cooking was complete, the hot dogs were transported to the DTES where they were distributed to the homeless.

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DEC 29TH 2022

On December 29th, our group gathered at a house to prepare and distribute 500+ sandwiches. Our turnout was better than our first project with over 30 students from 9 schools. We put together sandwiches which included mayonnaise, mustard, cheese, lettuce, and turkey. Afterwards, we were able to transport them to the Downtown Eastside and hand them out on Hastings Street. Our passionate volunteers served in the pouring rain and in half an hour, we were out of sandwiches!

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