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Helping Hearts Youth Foundation's 1 Year Anniversary

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

How time flies... 12 months ago, the Helping Hearts Youth Foundation was registered as an official non-profit organization. Alongside our 1st anniversary, we are proud to release our brand new website and the first post of our brand new blog!

Over the past year, our volunteers have achieved heights well over our expectations. After a summer of planning and building up from the ground, we started strong in the new school year with our first fundraiser in October 2022. Two months later in December 2022, we had a double project month creating 260 care packages for a women's shelter and 500 sandwiches for the homeless.

We couldn't have hoped for a better turnout in any of our projects since we were reaching max capacity each time. We wanted to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work, especially our executive team members who work tirelessly behind the scenes.

2023 has already had a strong start with another fundraiser and meal-serving event!

Looking back at March 2022, it is so inspiring to see how our group has changed and become better. It feels like just yesterday when Christopher Lee (Co-CEO) approached me as well as a dozen other students from Vancouver College with a vague idea to start something of our own. In just a year, our team grew substantially and became a group of eager students from all across Vancouver has been able to put together a community where each contributor is a piece of the bigger picture that we can call Helping Hearts.

Norah Benjamin, our oldest Executive Team member who has been here since day 1 says her time at the Helping Hearts Youth Foundation has been some of the best in her life:

"Through real life experiences, I have been able to serve my community in ways I have hoped to. Helping Hearts has helped me some of my best friends, and will continue to help build reparations in our community, and youth are at the forefront of it. We have seen continued success and will continue to excel and grow. The Helping Hearts Youth Foundation no doubt shows the will and determination of like minded yet vastly different youth, and how they heal our community."

In the next 12 months, Helping Hearts plans to push limits even further and start new initiatives that we can uphold for years to come.

Have a project or initiative idea in mind? Contact us! We are always looking for feedback.

We can't release any of our plans just yet but stay tuned because this year, one of our main focuses will be youth events and leadership.

Fun Fact: Did you know that the original name of our organization was Helping Hearts Students Foundation? After some discussion and a consensus that it simply didn't sound right, we moved from HHSF so HHYF or Helping Hearts Youth Foundation.

Next Stop...Going National.

-Kaleb Adatia/Christopher Lee

Helping Hearts Co-CEOs

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Rylan Do
Rylan Do
Apr 06, 2023

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