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Welcome To All Our New Executive Team Members

Diving into our second year, Helping Hearts recently completed our Executive Team interviews and our proud to present and introduce our new members and team.

Sunday, April 9th was our first Executive Team meet and greet where we had our first formal meeting of the year. Many insightful discussions were held and we were able to draft our first rough plan of the year.

HH hired 4 new positions this month. Chief of Staff, Director of Information Technology, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Project Management. All our chosen candidates were eager students and we are so excited to see the change our brand-new team will make this year. With that, we would like to introduce all of our new team members and their new roles:

Chief of Staff: COS is one of the highest positions at Helping Hearts assisting with day-to-day administration activities. Jasmine Zhang, a Grade 8 student at Crofton House School is more than deserving of this important role.

"Personally, I am really happy to be taking on the job of Chief of Staff since I am quite comfortable in leadership settings, and aiding my friends in Helping Hearts is something I am especially looking forward to. Over and beyond that, I feel I can absolutely assist this organisation; while I am now pretty busy (thus my inability to attend the executive team meeting), I will be able to engage more in the future, which is something I am really interested in. I'd love to see this nonprofit grow and expand."

Director of Information Technology:

Nickolai Junossov, a Grade 9 student at Vancouver College has taken the behind-the-scenes role of Director of IT. He is very hard-working and has a keen interest in tech.

"As an IT Director for Helping Hearts, I am proud to bring my technical knowledge and expertise to the table. In addition to my work on the website, I have a passion for exploring new tech and advancements in the field with a particular interest in 3D printing. I am committed to continuing to innovate and improve our digital offerings at Helping Hearts this year."

Director of Project Management:

The Project Management sector of our organization is a big part of event planning and organization. Chelsea Li, a Grade 8 student at Crofton House School was the perfect fit for this role.

"Words cannot express how excited I am to be working alongside the HHYF Executive Team. When I arrived at the first Exec meeting I had no idea what to expect. But I can proudly say that this team is one of the most dedicated, energetic, and creative team I've worked with. I am proud to say that I am apart of this team. I'm looking forward to working with you all on upcoming projects."

Director of Human Resources:

The Human Resources Director position is involved with a lot of team leadership and planning as well. Orin Song, a Vancouver College student in Grade 9 will be serving in this position.

"I am super excited to work with the Helping Hearts Youth Foundation because I love to help the community especially the youth as they are the foundation of the next generation. The opportunity to work along others like me to provide support and care to help other hearts makes me delighted and thrilled to work with this team."

That's it for our new positions here at Helping Hearts for the year 2023. We're so excited to see what each of these new members will bring to the table. Make sure to say hello to any of the new executives if you see them around!

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