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Granville Greats Community Service Award

On September 2nd, Christopher Lee and Kaleb Adatia were invited to Member of Parliament Taleeb Noormohamed's annual barbeque. The purpose of the event was to recognize the service of people living in the Granville Vancouver area and Helping Hearts' CEOs were honored to be recipients of this year's Granville Greats Award Ceremony.

The Granville Great Service Award is an annual award to recognize the hard work that citizens do in our community. It was made to recognize service efforts big and small, anything from neighbors who help shovel snow to citizens dedicating their life to service. Every year, nominations are made on MP Noormohamed's website and recognized at a BBQ.

"Honoured. What can I say but honoured? I had the pleasure to receive the Granville Greats Community Service Award from Member of Parliament Taleeb Noormohamed for my service in the Helping Hearts Youth Foundation. I had a chance to speak with Taleeb and other award recipients as well on the issues facing today. It was a truly great experience!" -Christopher Lee, CEO/Co-Founder

Many members of the Vancouver community were present at Minister Noormohamed's event. Families of participants as well as others came to celebrate and enjoy the food and refreshments. Thank you to the Helping Hearts members who showed up to support!

Although Chris and Kaleb received this award, it is important to not overlook the efforts of all the Helping Hearts volunteers at our organization. We would not have been able to stand up their on Saturday without the tireless work of the Executive Team, Club Presidents, and participants of our service events. Everyone had a part in helping to make this a reality for us and we want to take this opportunity to celebrate the good work of the entire foundation.

Here are some photos from the event:

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