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Helping Hearts Records List

**Blog post in progress At Helping Hearts, we've developed quite a list of wacky records. Some are nearly impossible to break, while others, not so much. Do you want to take a look and see which ones you can attempt break...?

Make sure to send recommendations of other records to add to this list!

Longest Serving Executive: Norah Benjamin (2022-04-06 - Present)

Shortest Serving Executive: Kaleb Adatia (27 days)

First Ever Golden Heart Award Winner: Rylan Do (AGM 2023)

First Ever Adatia-Lee Leadership Award Winner: Norah Benjamin (AGM 2023)

Shortest Project: 1h (06/24/23 Care Package Making)

Most Project Attendees: 100 (10/24/23 Donut Sale)

Most Schools at Project: 16+ (10/24/23 Donut Sale)

Most Money Spent on Project: $1067 (04/16/23 Sandwich Making)

Most Money Raised in a Project: $5800 (10/24/23 Donut Sale)

Most Meals Made in a Project: 780 (03/05/23 Hot Dog Serving)

Most Care Packages Made in a Project: 500 (04/12/22)

Most HHYF Instagram Post Likes: 90

Most Active Discord Member: Christopher Lee

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